We strive to ship the best product, always! Our number one goal is the absolute satisfaction of our consumers each time they are receiving our product. We are aware that there are other choices available in the marketplace and we strive to gain your total preference. Our boxes are inspected by our avocado experts, packed, and shipped with care. But let's face it- we are working with fruit! You may encounter issues. If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us ASAP. We are here to help. We are committed to continuously improve our processes, systems and practices to assure our consumers receive the highest quality avocados. Please, allow us the chance to correct any issues or concerns.


Avocados will arrive to you green and hard (Stage 1, see ripe guide page). We advise leaving the avocados out in room temperature until they are soft to the touch. (Check daily) Once they are ripe, you should refrigerate them to extend the life of the avocado.


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AvocaDoor avocados are packed and shipped from Index Fresh, Inc. They work directly with growers around the world to ensure the freshest avocados are available year-round. Each country and region has unique advantages depending on the time of year. AvocaDoor Deliveries customers will appreciate the nuances in avocado flavor, be they come from the coastal valleys of California and Chile, the highlands of Michoacán and Colombia, or the Peruvian deserts.


We use recyclable packaging and sustainability is top of mind. Our boxes can be reused to ripen the avocados you receive. When you are done with the box, you can recycle the cardboard or reuse it for storage.


Some recipes are provided to Index Fresh, Inc. by recipe developers, chefs, food experts, health and wellness coaches, or just plain made up.  If you would like to submit a recipe to us, email us! We would love to post what you create. We, of course, will give you the necessary credit and allow links back to your pages.


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Orders will take up to 24 hours to be processed. We deliver 1-2 day on the West Coast, and 3-5 days on the East Coast. We are working hard to get our delivery time trimmed down, so check back with us often.