Avocado Sourcing

AvocaDoor receives our avocados from Index Fresh, Inc.  

Please check our page for what is currently in season and available for purchase.


These avocados are responsibly sourced from the countries below:




California is where our roots are. You can’t get any fresher than California avocados. Grown by 350 growers on the Central and South Coasts, Index Fresh avocados are hand grown with care by families that take pride in their craft. The harvest season is principally February-August and dominated by Hass.  Gem and Lamb Hass help to round out our offerings during specific windows in the Spring and Summer respectively.
Available:  April - September


Michoacán is the recognized world-wide as the leader in avocado production. In fact, Mexico has almost twice as many Hass avocado trees planted compared to the rest of the world combined. Michoacán’s family farmers provide the most year-round supply of avocados of any of the countries that we work in. From Tinguindin to Tacámbaro these mountain grown avocados are sure to delight.

Available: Year-round




Peruvian avocados offer a reliable supply throughout the summer months. Peruvian Hass avocados tend to be larger than those grown by any other country. They are grown along the coast from Olmos in the North to Arequipa in the South. Peruvian avocados help to make any summer event that much more special.

Available: May - September




Grown in the Southern-hemisphere, Chilean avocados offer a Fall and Winter off-season alternative. Chile is celebrating its 25th season proudly shipping avocados to the US market. Grown in coastal valleys; avocados from Chile are rich in flavor.

Available: September - April




Colombia is the newest supplier of ‘Hass’ avocados for the US market. As one of the largest avocado consuming countries in the world, Colombians know how to enjoy their avocados. ‘Hass’ avocados are grown in the mountains at elevations slightly higher than the coffee region. Colombian avocados are generally available in two seasons; the traviesa season in June and July and the peak season from November-March.

Available: June-July & November-March